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The service has been licensed by PowerSide USA since 2016, allowing you to purchase official lottery tickets from around the world.New Lotto is a commercial name of LOTTO Limited a London-registered company (Registered: 06861915) with registration office at 14 Station Road, Watford, England, WD17 1EG We are a stand-alone ticketing service with over 20 local offices around the world.

Our Online office staff buy lottery tickets from official online retailers for users

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Participate in prestigious lotteries worldwide from anywhere in the world

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Lotteries Draw Videos Api

More then 30 lotteries draw videos avilable after drawing , easy to put videos on your website. only lotteries video api in world

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Lotteries ticket and results api

Access to buy online official tickets and get results after drawing buy new lotto api

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If you win a prize, including a jackpot prize or secondary prizes, you will be notified by email or SMS and the prize pool will be added to your account. This award is entirely yours and our site receives no commission. If you win the Grand Prix (Jackpot), we will, in agreement with you, award it to you in any country and convert it to any currency.


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Participate in prestigious lotteries worldwide from anywhere in the world

Would you like to participate in prestigious lotteries around the world like the US MegaMillions? You only need an account on our site We have repeatedly proven that luck has no boundaries and we bring great pleasure in making seemingly impossible dreams for lottery players worldwide.